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    Although I do love making my own salt spray for my hair, especially during the summer, I have to warn you that it’s not necessarily good for your hair.  Salt will draw out moisture and can easily dry out your hair!  So use with caution.

    I make a shine + salt spray, to offset the drying action and “eh” scent that regular salt sprays have.   In a small spray bottle, I mix warm water with a few tablespoons of sea salt, and a bit of jojoba oil or coconut oil!  Since oil doesn’t mix with water I have to shake it well before each use, and avoid my roots, but it creates great, natural shine, as well as those beachy, voluminous waves!

    (I got this cute little spray bottle for .97 cents in the travel section at Walmart!)

    If you’re a blonde, you can add lemon juice to salt spray to create your own type of “Sun In”, which will give you natural highlights.

    I get the best results by drying my hair with a cotton T shirt in a scrunching motion (t shirts versus towels will reduce frizz!), spraying my hair thoroughly with salt spray, allowing my hair to air dry half way, and then spritzing and scrunching again!  Salt sprays will give you a TON of volume and can make your hair a little crazy.

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